Main Goal

Since the beginning of the lockdown, schools, colleges, and universities around the world have shifted their classes to video conferencing platforms. The pandemic has suddenly and abruptly forced schools and education sectors to engage in a digital transformation.

This seminar aims to enhance facilitators and learners capabilities to adopt to changes and explore possibilities for them to become more effective despite the situation.

People’s relationship with technology will deepen as larger segments of the population come to rely more on digital connections for work, education, health care,  and essential social interactions.


To explore the tools and effects that can be used to make the new normal a more effective one.

• Create a plan of action to move forward with the new normal.

• Engaging teachers and students in the use of education technology.

• To explore available tools and opportunities.

• Address the needs faced by facilitators and learners.

• Understand what facilitators and learners are going through and what methods are more effective.

Target Audience

Millennial, Gen X, Gen Y and the Gen Zs consumers are the main target audience of this seminar. They need to know what technological changes are happening around them and how these can be used to their advancement.

Facilitators and administrators are also encouraged to attend this seminar since they will be the ones to guide them and faciliate their learning.

Parents and professionals are also invited to join for additional knowledge that will greatly benefit them.

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October 15, 2022
October 22, 2022
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