Main Goal

The Digital Generation learners are growing up constantly connected to the world around them through smartphones, tablets, and computers. Because of this hyperconnectivity, your learners will learn differently than we did. It’s important that we understand how they learn and interact with the world in order to teach more effectively.

This seminar will help us understand the digital generation and how our teaching should change and adapt to their needs. Members of the digital generation thrive on creative and engaging activities, varied sources of information, and a more energetic environment.


To understand what makes the millennial generation different from the others.

• Create a plan of action to move forward with their idea.

• How to test business ideas in the market.

• To learn how to resolve conflicts through flexibility.

• Develop the perseverance needed for success.

• Social media techniques to help your business (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube)

Target Audience

Millennial, Gen X and boomer consumers are the main target audience of this seminar. They need to know what technological changes are happening around them and how these can be used to their advancement. Facilitators and administrators are also encouraged to attend this seminar since they will be the ones to guide them and faciliate their learning. Parents and professionals are also invited to join for additional knowledge that will greatly benefit them.

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October 25, 2020
November 20, 2020
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